This Conversation Between Ted Nugent and Dana Loesch Will Melt Your Brain

"Positive change" agent Ted Nugent. Photo: Randy Snyder/Getty Images

Our post this morning on the Secret Service's interest in Ted Nugent sparked quite the brouhaha today, and it was only a matter of time before Nugent would have to respond. And respond he did, on Dana Loesch's talk radio show this afternoon, which was seemingly broadcast from some kind of alternate universe:

Loesch: You're a scapegoat. They're trying to suggest that you said something that you emphatically did not say.

Absolutely ... I have never in my life threatened anyone's life. I am incapable of threatening anyone's life. Because, I'm about positive change.

Asked whether the Secret Service had contacted him, Nugent replied, "The Secret Service are my buddies. They work for me. I pay their salaries." At no point did the interview sound like a conversation between two sane people.