Twitter Is ‘Ideal For 5-Year-Olds,’ Teacher Observes


Over at Tribeca's P.S. 150, a teacher named Jennifer Aaron has established a Twitter account for her kindergarten class. And, in harnessing the awesome power of the technology ("the ideal thing for 5-year-olds"), she has managed to solve an age-old problem: 

“It makes them think about their day and kind of summarize what they’ve done during the day; whereas a lot of times kids will go home and mom and dad will say, ‘What did you do today?’ And they’re like, ‘I don’t know.’”

Apparently, the composition of each of the class's thrice-weekly updates is preceded by the "chirping" of "Tweet, tweet, tweet!" by the children. (To her immense credit, Ms. Aaron does not seem to have gone completely and utterly insane yet.) Posts to the handle, like those of any Twitter user, are equal parts mundane ("We had snack outside"), pretentious ("Ask us about time"), and transcendent  ("There were no lame reflections").