Alec Baldwin Supporting Some Dude for Mayor

30 ROCK -- NBC Series -- Pictured: Alec Baldwin as Jack -- NBC Photo: Mitchell Haaseth
Alec Baldwin filming on location for "30 Rock" on the streets of Manhattan on March 9, 2011 in New York City. Photo: mitchell haaseth/NBC

I am going to work very hard for a particular candidate: He and I. Who it is I can’t say.” That was Alec Baldwin, perhaps a future mayoral candidate, on the current crop of would-be mayors, to BlackBook magazine. So not Christine Quinn, huh, Alec? No way.

“This is a woman who stormed out of an event yesterday after lecturing a group of students who were jeering Bloomberg on the merits of democracy, ” he told Joshua David Stein. “Yet she single-handedly worked with Bloomberg to overturn the term limits for her own personal gain. Everyone in this town knows what Bloomberg said. He said, ‘If you do this for me I’m going to give you my rolodex. I’m going to raise a shit bag of money for you.’” So Baldwin’s disgust has gone from general — he previously said of the whole field, “They’re all just so horny for it. Horny for their own ascension” — to Quinn-specific. That means he’ll back either Bill deBlasio or Scott Stringer. Who seems less “horny for [his] own ascension”? Or more! Can we actually be totally sure Baldwin meant that as a dis?