David Axelrod, Drowned Out During Anti-Romney Speech, Channels Inner Jack Nicholson


During a press conference attacking Mitt Romney in his home state of Massachusetts today, Obama adviser David Axelrod proclaimed Mitt's backyard "Obama Country" over unintelligible boos of a crowd of Romney supporters. Reporters later said the Romney portion of the crowd was chanting "We want Mitt!" and "Five more months!" to the Obama side's "Yes we can!" and "Etch A Sketch!" but we heard little more than "Grrrr Arrf Boo Jobs?" The chants got louder when Axelrod opened the floor for reporter questions, which led Axelrod to channel his inner Jack Nicholson and tell the crowd, "You can't handle the truth, my friend!" Maybe he should have just led the group in a rousing rendition of "Amercia the Beatiful."