David Koch Has Thoughts on Marc Jacobs’s Undies

Photo: Patrick McMullan

David Koch, the wealthy billionaire whose financial support helped bankroll the tea party movement, has strong opinions about tax structure, social safety nets, corporate regulation, and what kind of underwear a man ought to wear with his see-through black gown to a gala. "Page Six" reports that a bystander overheard Koch, a Metropolitan Museum trustee and major donor, deep in conversation with New England Patriots' owner Robert Kraft the other night, dissecting Marc Jacobs's sheer Met Ball dress.

According to spies, Koch and Kraft didn’t bat an eye at Jacobs’ outfit, but when he left, Kraft said, “I don’t know about the white underpants.” Koch responded, “I agree. Don’t you think he should’ve worn matching black boxers?”

But they were Brooks Brothers! Brands don't get much more conservative than that.