Dharun Ravi Apologizes for ‘Stupid’ Choices

Dharun Ravi waits for the judge to explain the law to the jury before they begin their deliberations during his trial at the Middlesex County Courthouse in New Brunswick, N.J.
Photo: John O'Boyle/AP

Despite a pending appeal from prosecutors, former Rutgers student Dharun Ravi has opted to report to jail on Thursday for his crimes against Tyler Clementi, explaining in a statement, “It’s the only way I can go on with my life.” Ravi, who was not charged in his roommate’s suicide, was sentenced to 30 days for invasion of privacy, bias intimidation, and more for secretly taping Clementi’s romantic encounter via web cam, but he could serve as few as 20 days with good behavior. “I accept responsibility for and regret my thoughtless, insensitive, immature, stupid and childish choices that I made on September 19, 2010 and September 21, 2010,” Ravi said in his clearest apology to date, despite insisting again that his crimes had nothing to do with Clementi’s homosexuality. “My behavior and actions, which at no time were motivated by hate, bigotry, prejudice or desire to hurt, humiliate or embarrass anyone, were nonetheless the wrong choices and decisions,” he said. “I apologize to everyone affected by those choices.”