John Edwards Is ‘Flirting’ With a Female Juror

Photo: Sara D. Davis/2010 Getty Images

John Edwards is currently on trial for misuse of presidential campaign funds, which he allegedly spent on his mistress, Rielle Hunter, while his wife was ill with the cancer that would eventually take her life. It is scandal of the highest caliber possible, and we would have said that even before reading this report from an ABC newsman covering the trial.

Since the alternates were identified last Thursday, it has been impossible to ignore the dynamic between Edwards and one of the female alternates, an attractive young woman with jet-black hair, who seems to have been flirting with Edwards for days.

The juror clearly instigated the exchanges. She smiles at him. He smiles at her. She giggles. He blushes.

The flirtation has become so obvious that even Edwards’ attorneys have to work to suppress their laughter at the absurdity of it all.

Our only questions: How soon will someone make an opera about all this? And can it be R. Kelly, please?