Evil Ex-Girlfriend Chimes In on the War for Knuckles the Puggle


Up until today, the story of Knuckles — a puggle at the center of a nasty, transcontinental custody battle — has been entirely one-sided. Ex-boyfriend Craig Dershowitz claims that his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Brega, kidnapped Knuckles when they broke up, and that he's now spent $60,000 trying to get him back. But Today spoke to Brega, and, not totally surprisingly, she insists that she did nothing wrong:

"We paid for the dog together. We split everything 50/50 — vet bills, daycare bills. Everything was divvied up and split ... And I did take the dog to California, I didn't need to check with him, it wasn't his dog ... I don't think it's about the dog. I think it's about the fact that I moved on with my life and moved to California."

We've only known this couple for eighteen hours, and they're already unbearable. 

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