Police Release New Images of ‘Well-Dressed Groper’

Find this man. Photo: NYPD

The NYPD has tied another incident of forcible touching to the "Well-Dressed Groper" and released several more images of the suspect in connection with a previously announced March 30 assault. The elusive groper remains on the loose. Police added a February 26 incident to the list, in which the suspect reportedly grabbed a 31-year-old woman's behind near Varick and King streets at about 11:15 a.m., and took off.

Police recently dropped charges against wrongfully accused 26-year-old Brooklyn man Karl Vanderwoude, who was able to prove his alibi with the help of his employer. Vanderwoude told Intel on Wednesday regarding the ordeal, "I don't have any enemies, so I don't think whoever turned me in was trying to be vindictive."

In one of the new images, the creep appears to be covering his face while walking through a turnstile, and in another, looks toward a surveillance camera.