New York Post Doubles Down on Hipster-Bashing

New York Post cover for Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The New York Post can’t seem to decide whether or not 21-year-old drunk driver Sophia Anderson is a “Brooklyn hipster.” That’s how she was identified yesterday when the tabloid plastered her bloody face on the cover after she steered directly into and destroyed a Long Island home, but an online version of the article was curiously edited to remove the epithet. Today it’s back, and this time with proof: She’s a waitress who “lives in a Bushwick loft with several roommates,” dates a bartender,  and “wore skinny jeans, a neon-green shirt and matching socks with no shoes to the arraignment.” According to a neighbor, “She parties a lot,” sometimes even on the roof. If only she were a more mainstream 21-year-old, that Long Island house might still be safe.