N.J. Mayor Arrested for Hacking, Deleting Recall Website


Felix Roque, the mayor of West New York, which is in New Jersey, was arrested today, along with his 22-year-old son, and accused of hacking into e-mails of rivals. According to the FBI complaint, Roque gained access to his political enemies’ passwords, logged into Go Daddy, and deleted the website RecallRoque.com (which appears to still be down). He also told his kid to poke around an opponent’s Facebook, and made threatening calls to the recall organizers. “A friend of mine, he works in the — I can’t tell you,” Roque said, before telling. “Three letters — CIA. You know. That’s how I get information.” Every New Jersey town gets the Watergate it deserves.

N.J. Mayor Arrested for Deleting Recall Website