John Heilemann on Morning Joe: President Obama Wanted to Wait to Announce Marriage Support


Discussing President Obama's historic announcement yesterday that he now supports same-sex marriage, our own John Heilemann told the Morning Joe crew today that indeed it was Vice-President Joe Biden's remarks Sunday that forced Obama into coming out of the marriage-equality closet a few weeks ahead of schedule. Heilemann spoke with David Plouffe in Washington yesterday and told the group: "He was pretty insistent. He said yes, in fact, the president had decided weeks before this that he was planning ... to come out with this announcement. He was going to do it probably in May or June, ahead of the convention. And the annoyance with Biden was that he kind of forced them into a position where they had to do it on a different timetable. And it made the president look like he was dragged into it, rather than doing it the way they planned to do it."