Shanksville, Pennsylvania 9/11 Memorial Is Still Unfinished

The Obamas visit the Shanksville, P.A. crash site on September 11, 2011. Photo: MANDEL NGAN/2011 AFP

The 40 passengers and crew members who managed to take down D.C.-bound United Airlines Flight 93 after it was hijacked on 9/11 are undeniably heroic, yet the memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, is still far from completion. While the Pentagon and World Trade Center 9/11 memorials were erected within a decade, the Washington Post reports that the fund to construct a permanent memorial at the Pennsylvania site is millions short of the $70 million needed.

Last week, a fund-raiser attended by George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and John Boehner managed to raise $2 million, but that still leaves an $8 million gap. Those in charge of constructing the site hoped lawmakers in D.C. would be interested in chipping in, considering that Flight 93's sacrifice saved 5,000 people who were in the Capitol that day, according to the 9/11 Commission. However, so far only ten people who were members of the House or Senate at the time have been moved to donate.