Romney, Obama Win Arkansas, Kentucky Primaries


Mitt Romney and Barack Obama emerged victorious in the Kentucky and Arkansas primaries on Tuesday. Of course Romney battled a group of guys who have dropped out or conceded, while Obama faced the scrappy "Uncommitted" in Kentucky, and Tennessee attorney John Wolfe in Arkansas. Wolfe is a former Obama supporter whose campaign is "a statement against powerful Wall Street interests and corporate abuses of power."

Since both primaries are mere formalities at this point, they drew a relatively small number of voters. With 99.9 percent of precinct reporting in Kentucky, Romney has received 66.7 percent of the vote; Ron Paul, who conceded he can't win the race but hasn't dropped out, took 12.5 percent of the vote. On the Democratic side, Barack Obama managed a commanding 57.9 percent of the vote, losing 41.2 percent to the ballot option known as Uncommitted, or Merle Uncommitted, or John Q. Uncommitted, or Paul Uncommitted, depending on your taste. Consider the message received, Kentucky.

With 88.6 percent of precincts reporting in Arkansas at the time of this writing, Romney has won 68.2 percent of the vote, while Ron Paul and Rick Santorum have both reached double digits with 13.5 percent and 13.4 percent of the vote, respectively. As for Obama's only race against an actual person tonight, in Arkansas the president currently holds 59.0 percent of the vote to Wolfe's 41.0 percent. The figure is oddly similar to the total netted in West Virginia by federal inmate (and comically ponytailed) Keith Judd. Wolfe is not an inmate, but if his late-nineties clip-art website is any indication, his campaign isn't exactly flush with cash.