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ink-stained wretches

Fired Stripper-Reporter Sarah Tressler Pairs With Gloria Allred for Lawsuit

Gloria Allred==
9th Annual Bag Ladies Luncheon==
The Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills, CA==
November 4, 2011==
©Patrick McMullan==
Photo - ANDREAS BRANCH/ Who else?

NYU journalism grad Sarah Tressler was fired from her job as a society reporter at the Houston Chronicle after a rival publication outed her side gig and not-very-hidden blog, Diary of an Angry Stripper. Yesterday came the logical next step as Tressler and old pro Gloria Allred hosted a press conference for the lawsuit against her former employer. "I was very upset that I was fired because I had been told by many editors I was doing a good job," Tressler said. "There was no question on the form that covered my dancing and I answered the questions on the form honestly." Either way, a book and an Angry Stripper mobile app are slated, so who needs journalism?

Photo: Andreas Branch/