Chelsea Resident Not Totally Thrilled to Live by the High Line


Some of us would give an arm, leg, and short intestine to live by the High Line, with easy access to those lovely Hudson-facing wooden lounge chairs. But apparently one nearby resident mistook Chelsea for the suburbs and plastered the area with posters — spotted by the blog Jeremiah's Vanishing New York — giving High Line visitors a piece of his or her mind.

Attention High Line Tourists. West Chelsea is not Times Square. It is not a tourist attraction. Do not sit on the 'stoops' of buildings or take pictures of and film buildings or residents. Buildings are not tourist attractions: people live there, and sitting on the steps and taking pictures is as invasive, rude and inappropriate as a group of strangers sitting on the steps of your home and taking pictures of it and you from the yard.

We want to feel bad for you, really we do.