In Unexpected Twist, Birthers Turn Against Romney

Businessman Donald Trump (R) shakes hands with Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney
Michigan product Mitt Romney with Donald Trump. Photo: STAN HONDA/AFP

Willard Mitt Romney was born on St. Patrick's Day, 1947, in Detroit, Michigan, son of Mexican-born George Romney, according to the birth certificate his campaign provided to Reuters on Tuesday. At first glance, the release of the document appears a passive slap at President Obama, perhaps at the urging of Birther-in-Chief Donald Trump who is appearing with Romney at a fund-raiser in Las Vegas on Tuesday night.

But on second thought, Romney may be attempting to appease The Donald's ilk. Regarding the frenzied Birthers who have been sending breathless forwarded e-mails about Obama's birth certificate for the past four-plus years, the Washington Post's Dana Milbank says, "The same birthers are now saying: 'Where is Mitt Romney's birth certificate? He never released his.' They're saying, 'maybe his middle name isn't Mitt, it's Milton.'"

Why should Birthers have to drown themselves in conspiracy theories pertaining to just ONE presidential candidate?! And isn't it awfully curious that Mitt Romney waited to release his certificate until he collected enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination? Surely Birthers won't rest until they see the real Romney birth certificate. Otherwise, how can we be sure that his candidacy isn't just an elaborate 65-year-old Mexican plot to infiltrate the U.S. government?