Alec Baldwin Is Texting His Wedding Invitations

Alec Baldwin covering his head with a garment bag while heading into his hotel in NYC.
Pictured: Alec Baldwin
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There’s perhaps no more dispiriting feeling in the world than getting a text message inviting you to do something fabulous, or inquiring about your whereabouts — then realizing it was texted en masse to an undisclosed number of people and was not a special missive meant for you. The mass text is generally not considered to be good manners. Is there, though, an exception for conveying secret wedding plans? Because that’s how Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas are inviting guests to their wedding, per the New York Post. In order to keep the reception as free of paparazzi as possible and minimize the number of Baldwin fistfights on their special day (or maybe they realized how much that beautiful letterpress on the nice thick paper stock costs?), they’ll send a mass text on the morning of the wedding with the location. Guests have already been asked to reserve the day.

This seems … silly. Whose idea was this, the writers of Gossip Girl? What if people aren’t getting good service or forget to check their phones? How will people know what to wear? Plus, the paparazzi already know the location of the church, and they probably also know how to follow people from one location to another, unless all the guests are secretly flying on a rocket to the moon following the ceremony. However, we do give Baldwin and Thomas props for not relying on the typical wedding planning sources and instead turning for reference to the season finale of Girls