Bad New York Landlords, Part XLVI

Photo: istockphoto

Remember that Bronx apartment building that suddenly lost its fire escapes and had to be evacuated? Well, it’s owned by one Phillip Goldfarb, who only got caught because he was trying to close out several other preexisting code violations at the building. In all, Goldfarb’s fourteen city buildings have racked up 307 code violations over the past ten years, 226 of which are still unresolved, according to a particularly clunky-titled article in the New York Daily News.

Goldfarb’s buildings have it all, from tenant harassment to faulty elevators to concrete bits of ceiling falling onto peoples’ faces while they sleep. But the News’ full-on indignation only kicked in when its reporter visited Goldfarb’s 3,400-square-foot, pool-equipped Westchester mansion, and was denied an interview when the subject “roared past” in his Mercedes.