Jonathan Chait on NOW With Alex Wagner: President Obama and Latino Voter Enthusiasm

New polls show President Obama at 67 percent with Hispanic voters, compared to Mitt Romney's 24 percent, but our own Jonathan Chait suggested on today's NOW With Alex Wagner panel that, just because the president is polling better than Romney among this bloc, does not necessarily mean it will translate into votes. "Obama does have a problem with turnout and enthusiasm with the Latino vote." As Chait wrote last week, candidate Obama first ran with a goal of comprehensive immigration reform and had planned to pass the DREAM act through Congress, but when that didn't work, he  decided last week to enact those policies himself. See more of the discussion below:

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John Heilemann also weighed in on the poll, saying "Romney has put himself in serious, short-term trouble because he's made himself terminally unpopular [among Latino voters]. If he doesn't get at least 36, 37, 38, more like 40 percent, he probably can't win the election."