David Cameron Left His 8-Year-Old Kid in a Pub

Photo: Guido Bergmann/Getty Images

Good news, citizens: America's not the only country with a highly ranked public official making news this morning for an unfortunate incident. Britain's got it much worse, in fact. Their prime minister, David Cameron, left his 8-year-old daughter, Nancy, in a country pub a couple months ago, an incident that was officially confirmed this morning, and which has already been the subject of major chatter on British parenting boards. (Which, by the way, have far jollier names than ours: Mumsnet > Urban Baby, no?)

Nancy was in the bathroom when Cameron and his wife left the pub with their other two children. (Batting .666 is pretty good in baseball, how's it in cricket?) Nancy was only forgotten for a mere fifteen minutes of infamy before her parents realized their mistake. The AP hints very delicately at a possible cause:  "Sunday pub lunches are a long traditional in Britain, often including roast beef, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and salad along with red wine, beer or ale." Yorkshire pudding — to blame for so many negligent incidents in human history.

A spokesman for the prime minister said that the Camerons, of course, take full responsibility for the abandonment (and presumably Nancy's future analyst will agree with that assessment), but that security arrangements are "under review." She added, "The prime minister is a very busy man but he always tries to live as normal a life as possible with his family." And normal people totally lose children in bars all the time!