Joan Rivers Reigning As Queen of Condo Board

Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Seventy-nine-year old comedian and walking cosmetic surgery menu Joan Rivers moonlights as the president of her East 62nd Street building’s board, and has for about nine years, the New York Times informs us today. “There’s no humor when I’m there,” Rivers insists, going by her married name of Mrs. Rosenberg for official business, a.k.a. the “scary lady upstairs.” Despite trying to sell her apartment for three years, no one has challenged Rivers for the top spot, both because she’s sort of terrifying and she has the accomplishments to support her long rule: Not only did she spruce up the lobby, but she hired a “Jewish voodoo preistess” to rid the building of ghosts. Of course, to channel Joan for a second, she could be considered both of those things herself.