Michelle Obama: Queen of Sarcasm?

First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama attends WebMD town hall discussion at YMCA on February 10, 2012 in Homestead, Florida.
Have fun, Ann. Have soooo much fun.Photo: Vallery Jean/FilmMagic

Michelle Obama — who famously was less than enthused about her husband’s initial decision to seek higher office, and who once responded to the suggestion that she herself run for office with “Ugh” — told Reuters today that she actually secretly loves the campaign trail. “I think people are surprised when I say that I do love campaigning. Because I do. Number one, I love people and I love this country and you get to see that when you’re out there in ways that you normally wouldn’t.”

In fact, she told Reuters, she had some advice for general-election newbie Ann Romney: “The thing that I would say is, ‘Enjoy it.’” Ohhh, we get it, Michelle. There’s an implied dark, ironic cackle there, right? Campaigning’s not something so bad she wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy — it’s just bad enough that she would, maybe.