Michelle Obama: Queen of Sarcasm?

Have fun, Ann. Have soooo much fun. Photo: Vallery Jean/FilmMagic

Michelle Obama — who famously was less than enthused about her husband's initial decision to seek higher office, and who once responded to the suggestion that she herself run for office with "Ugh" — told Reuters today that she actually secretly loves the campaign trail. "I think people are surprised when I say that I do love campaigning. Because I do. Number one, I love people and I love this country and you get to see that when you're out there in ways that you normally wouldn't."

In fact, she told Reuters, she had some advice for general-election newbie Ann Romney: "The thing that I would say is, 'Enjoy it.'" Ohhh, we get it, Michelle. There's an implied dark, ironic cackle there, right? Campaigning's not something so bad she wouldn't wish on her worst enemy — it's just bad enough that she would, maybe.