Another Conductor Caught Sleeping on the Job


In this case, a subway conductor appears to be snoozing while a 1 train makes its way uptown at the end of last week. He has his head down in his arms while sitting in his seat for at least seven seconds, from the time the video begins until he sits up abruptly. He stands up a few second later when the train appears to pull into a station. It looks kind of like a student dozing in class only to snap back into the harsh world, only this guy is wearing a headset on a train carrying lots of people.

Unlike an incident last week when a passenger on Metro-North rail recorded an engineer reading a newspaper "cover to cover" while actually operating the train, the conductor in this case was responsible mainly for opening and closing train doors, according to chairman of the New York City Transit Riders Council, Andrew Alpert. Key word: mainly? The MTA said of the incident, "The video clearly shows that the conductor of this Number 1 Local did not appear to be alert, but it's unclear from this angle whether he was actually sleeping. We are investigating this incident and will take appropriate action." One more and we can call this a trend.

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