This Is How We Mythologize Now

Photo: Splash News

Ever since the first caveman took stick to wall and drew a picture of a stick figure clubbing another stick figure, humans have found ways to turn the stories of our battles and struggles into legends. The Israelites had scrolls; the Greeks had their bards. The kings of Europe had troubadours and tapestries to commemorate their battles and valorize their warriors and venerate their damsels in distress. We of modern-day New York have SoulCycle. The spin class of the moment sent out an e-mail this morning announcing that, on Tuesday, it will commemorate the epic, Rihanna-spurred, bottle-breaking brawl between Drake and Chris Brown with a theme ride. 

And last but not least ... back in the city, Soul ladies KAILI STEVENS and LB BRUKER are battling it out for a DRAKE vs. CHRIS BROWN RIDE! No punches will be thrown, but this TUESDAY (6/26) on W 77th at 5:30PM, we'll be pushing up, tapping back and rocking out to our favorite young rappers. 

And thus the legend of that fateful evening will be passed on from generation to generation.