Teenage Lesbian Couple Shot in Texas Park

Family photo.

Over the weekend two young women were found in a Portland, Texas park with gunshot wounds to the head. Mollie Judith Olgin, 19, was pronounced dead at the scene. Mary Christine Chapa, 18, survived and is in serious but stable condition. Investigators believe that the two teens, who have been dating for five months, were led down a trail to a grassy area, then shot with a large-caliber gun.

Police found a bullet casing at the scene, but still have no suspects. “It appears as if … this was not just a random attack but that’s something that we really have to develop over time,” said Portland Police Chief Randy Wright. Friends say that Olgin and Chapa didn’t experience any negative reaction to their relationship, but authorities are still considering the possibility that their sexual orientation was a factor. “That’s always something that we’re looking for, but as of this point, we have not been able to establish that that had anything to do with the attack,” said Wright.