Alec Baldwin Wants His Own Hamptons Windmill

Alec Baldwin covers himself with a white bedding sheet as he leaves The Regency Hotel in NYC with an assistant. Also at the hotel was Woody Allen as they both separately left a 'To Rome With Love' press junket.<P>Pictured: Alec Baldwin<P><B>Ref: SPL408073  190612  </B><BR/>Picture by: Matthew McDermott / Splash News<BR/></P><P><B>Splash News and Pictures</B><BR/>Los Angeles:310-821-2666<BR/>New York:212-619-2666<BR/>London:870-934-2666<BR/><BR/></P>
Photo: Bobby Bank/WireImage

The Wall Street Journal, which could not resist a Don Quixote reference, reports today on Alec Baldwin's attempts to install a wind turbine at his East Hampton mansion, despite strict rules against development, some of which he fought for himself. "I want to build something that is environmentally forward-thinking," said the often angry and politically active actor. "I'm not building a satellite dish so I can watch the Knicks game." If he can flex his celebrity influence and get approved, we know just the guy for the job.