Ann Romney Is Absolutely Committed to Making Mitt More Likeable


"What are you going to do to make Americans like Mitt Romney more?" Piers Morgan asked Romney's wife Ann in his native England, a question that the couple met with a solid three-second awkward laugh during which Mitt stares at Ann. His eyes say, "Did Piers really just ask that?" as well as, "What are you going do?!" Ann responds, with a tinge of resentment and frustration, "I don't know about that one."

Ann then diverts to a discussion of the economy, in effect saying that it doesn't matter whether Americans like Mitt as long as they believe he's the guy who'll put us on the road to recovery. But she does circle back to enthusiasm for Mitt as person, saying, "I'll work as hard as I can on the likeablilty piece, because that's wrong, too."