Cops Use Pepper Spray to Break Up (Yet Another) Melee at McCarren Park Pool

Pepper spray, vindicated. Photo: YouTube

McCarren Park Pool hosted a capacity crowd (1,500) Tuesday evening for a clash between a group of teenage hooligans and the NYPD, in which police used pepper spray to subdue the rowdy teens. Police arrested three — two for disorderly conduct and one for assaulting an officer, according to sources for the blog A Walk in the Park.

“You could tell something was going to happen,” a witness told the Daily News. “It was obvious. You just had that feeling in the air.”

It’s a familiar routine now: At around 6:15 p.m., lifeguards attempted to stop a group of about ten to twenty from doing backflips into the pool and throwing one another, to no avail. A Walk in the Park reports that when the lifeguards decided to close the pool, the crowd started booing, then all hell broke loose. One witness said that the cops then forced one person to the ground who attempted to resist arrest when a group of people rushed over, prompting cops to use pepper spray.

This is now the third violent incident that’s resulted in the pool’s closure since its opening in late-June, in addition to poop-gate and multiple robberies. Congratulations to those of you who scored a bingo with the Assault-Poop-Robbery-Assault-Assault line.