Billy Baldwin Thinks Alec’s Mayoral Aspirations Are ‘Very Real’


Alec Baldwin's dance with the idea of running for mayor may not be through, according to his brother Billy who appeared Tuesday on Piers Morgan Tonight. Last we heard about recently married Alec's take on the 2013 mayoral race, he said, "I am going to work very hard for a particular candidate: He and I. Who it is I can't say." Is that he, he?

Billy said of his brother's intention to run for office, “I think on one level, it’s very real. I think he’s very committed and extremely bright and knowledgeable and I think he could do it and he could run." He continued, “On the other hand, I’m not quite sure if he’s cut from the proper cloth because it requires a lot of tolerance and a lot of patience ...”

Indeed, Alec is cut from the type of cloth that uses cloth to hide from the paparazzi. And sometimes he attacks them. But hey, we're not judging. Watch the entire clip.