Bronies Unite at My Little Pony Convention in Meadowlands

BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM - OCTOBER 26: Chris Sallis from Sheffield looks at a special edition My Little Pony at the International My Little Pony Convention at Redwood Hotel and Country Club, near Bristol on October 26 2007 in England. Fans of the toys were in the city to celebrate twenty five years Of My Little Pony. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images) Photo: Matt Cardy/2007 Getty Images

"I thought about what people would say. 'It's creepy. It's weird. It's a ... show for little girls.' It's just a great show ... the storyline, the plot, the beautiful animation."Self-aware and self-assured 25-year-old Brony Dale Fjordbotten of Staten Island, one of 4,000 men, women, boys, and girls who turned out in color and costume for BronyCon Summer 2012 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center on Saturday.