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Kim Kardashian wore 'Kanye West' earrings
Kim Kardashian wore 'Kanye West' earrings adding fuel to the rumors they are dating! The reality star was spotted with the 'KW' gold earrings as she arrived at Los Angeles Airport accompanied by an assistant who pulled her luggage along. Kim also fashion a long coat with an orange trim, leather trousers, a white t shirt and large sunglasses. It was reported that the two are dating after the April 4 release of West's single "Way Too Cold," in which he confesses his love for Kardashian. She had flown in from New York where the pair were spotted on an ice cream date days earlier. Kim, 31, recently divorced from Kris Humphries. Photo: Splash News

She’s now been dating Kanye West for at least 72 days, longer than she was married to Kris Humphries. In case you needed something to make you believe in “love” again.