Intel Noreen Says Good-bye

Alec Baldwin covers himself with a white bedding sheet as he leaves The Regency Hotel in NYC with an assistant. Also at the hotel was Woody Allen as they both separately left a 'To Rome With Love' press junket.
Pictured: Alec Baldwin
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What it feels like to lose the Intel designation.Photo: Matthew McDermott / Splash News/©

Guys, I’ve been trying to pretend this isn’t happening, but today’s my last day as Intel Noreen.  In a couple of weeks, after some time off during which I’ll be re-creating Rielle Hunter’s gustatory tour of America’s Holiday Inns,  I’ll be writing full-time for the New Republic as just plain Noreen. (Contrary to what some of y’all believe, this does not mean that I will begin communicating mostly through charts.)  The past thirteen months have been the most fun I’ve had in my professional life, thanks in no small part to our commentariat, with your sharp wit, perceptive criticism, and occasional inappropriate propositions. It’s also helped that no one stopped me from indulging my obsessions with potbelly pigs, Reggie Love, Barack Obama’s e-mail habits, Michael Bloomberg’s love life,  Fifty Shades of Greyword usage, imaginary trend stories/books, and this picture

I’ve been more privileged than Martha Stewart’s chow-chow to have the chance to work with such a talented group of editors, most especially Adam Pasick, Ben Williams, and James Burnett, and with brilliant colleagues like Jonathan Chait, Sarah Frank, Justin Miller, and Kevin Roose. And, most specially especially of all, with Intels Dan and Joe, who are just absolutely the peachiest, always, both on the Internet and off. I am granting them joint custody of all Alec Baldwin stories, visitation rights on terrible puns, and temporary possession of the Lady Business tag. I’m taking all Kardashian koverage with me, though — TNR won’t know what hit it. But I’ll be faithfully reading my favorite wildly funny and smart blog, every day. (Suri’s Burn Book. Did you think I was going to say Daily Intel or something?)