Jonah Lehrer Has Been Very, Very Quiet

Science writer and contributer to Radio Lab, Jonah Lehrer.
Photo: Thos Robinson/Getty Images

When New Yorker staffer Jonah Lehrer first moved his Frontal Cortex blog from in early June, he wrote five times in two weeks, and even twice on the first day. But since Jim Romenesko noticed that one of the posts was recycled from Lehrer’s own previous work — and the self-plagiarism dominoes fell from there — Lehrer’s blog and Twitter have gone silent, last updated on June 12 and 18 respectively. Despite not publishing anything for more than a month, Lehrer was not suspended, and the New Yorker tells Romenesko today, “Jonah is currently working on a story for the magazine.” Lehrer also popped up online in a newly published video from the annual 99 Percent conference, where he delivered a (probably lucrative) presentation called “The Origins of Creative Insight & Why You Need Grit.”