Long Island Teen Crashes Car Into Neighbor’s Home, Police Won’t Charge Him

WANTAGH, NY - DECEMBER 08: A Long Island police officer sits at the entrance to a road where a search is continuing for human remains along a stretch of road that has already led to the discovery of 10 bodies on December 8, 2011 in Wantagh, New York. Working from the theory of a single serial killer, police now believe they are closing in on the remains of a missing New Jersey prostitute whose disappearance led to the start of the search. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Photo: Spencer Platt/2011 Getty Images

Vincent Grande of Massapequa, New York, is outraged that police are refusing to arrest or even charge Robert Carracher, his 15-year-old neighbor, after he stole his dad's car and crashed it into Grande's home. Authorities say it was an accident, plus Carracher only hit a fence and an air conditioner, but Grande has his reasons for being hard on the lad. “When I used my phone to take pictures, the kid turned away and his dad gave me the finger," he explains.