Monaco Prince in Double Seven Brawl Suing Club and Patron Who Clubbed Him

Prince Pierre Casiraghi
International brawler? Photo: DAMIEN MEYER/Getty Images

Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco, the same European royalty involved in a drunken fracas–slash–pissing contest at the Double Seven club in the meatpacking district in February, is now suing the club, patron Adam Hock (who busted the prince's jaw), and Hock's attorney. Hock is currently facing misdemeanor assault chargesCasiraghi alleges in the lawsuit that Hock's attorney "defamed the prince and his cohorts by saying they started the February fracas and have a history of belligerence," according to the Associated Press.

Hock's attorney Joseph Tacopina told reporters in March of Casiraghi and his crew: "They're international bar brawlers — Paris, Belize, the U.S. They've started brawls in prior instances." He continued, "These are four drunk guys who make a living trying to get their names in the papers." If true, mission accomplished!

The Prince's attorney laid on some pretty thick alliteration in his description of Hock in the lawsuit, saying that Double Seven shouldn't have served alcohol to Hock and should have known he's "a person of pugilistic propensity." Hock also packs a powerful punch.