Obama: I Love Romneycare!

I have never met these men before in my life! Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

I've been waiting for somebody in this campaign to tout the virtues of Mitt Romney's health-care overhaul in Massachusetts, and that somebody has stepped forward — President Obama:

[T]he guy I'm running against tried this in Massachusetts and it's working just fine.

It's not just fine — it's a genuine political and policy feat. If you locked me in a room with an undecided voter and gave me five minutes to persuade him to vote for Romney, and if I failed you'd shoot me, I would spend most of the time talking about Romneycare. It's his single best qualification for the presidency — without it, he's an anodyne one-term governor. But Romney can't talk about it because his party believes it's evil. Which of course is the single best argument why he shouldn't be elected president.