Space Suits Are Part of Artisanal Brooklyn Now

Photo: NASA

Everything is better when it's handcrafted by Brooklyn artisans, right? Even space suits? That's the bet that Ted Southern and Nikolay Moiseev, respectively a theater costume designer who sold a space glove to NASA a few years ago and former Russian space program employee, are making. Per the Brooklyn Paper, they're working on their third version of a space suit — sorry, an "intra-vehicular activity suit" — they dream of selling to NASA, from their Gowanus work space.

NASA’s IVA suits cost around $250,000. The duo, who are working under the name Final Frontier Designs, hope theirs will go for about a fifth of that figure.

And the savings won’t stop there, Southern claims.

“Our suit weighs under 15 pounds, while the current NASA suit is about 30 pounds — which in a flight of a bunch of people could add up to over $500,000 savings in terms of fuel,” he said.

So how are they funding the endeavor? Kickstarter, natch. Maybe that's a way forward for the whole space program? Someone patch Newt Gingrich into a conference call with these guys.