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the final frontier

Space Suits Are Part of Artisanal Brooklyn Now

Everything is better when it's handcrafted by Brooklyn artisans, right? Even space suits? That's the bet that Ted Southern and Nikolay Moiseev, respectively a theater costume designer who sold a space glove to NASA a few years ago and former Russian space program employee, are making. Per the Brooklyn Paper, they're working on their third version of a space suit — sorry, an "intra-vehicular activity suit" — they dream of selling to NASA, from their Gowanus work space.

NASA’s IVA suits cost around $250,000. The duo, who are working under the name Final Frontier Designs, hope theirs will go for about a fifth of that figure.

And the savings won’t stop there, Southern claims.

“Our suit weighs under 15 pounds, while the current NASA suit is about 30 pounds — which in a flight of a bunch of people could add up to over $500,000 savings in terms of fuel,” he said.

So how are they funding the endeavor? Kickstarter, natch. Maybe that's a way forward for the whole space program? Someone patch Newt Gingrich into a conference call with these guys.

Photo: NASA