Top North Korean Official Dismissed Because of ‘Illness’

N. Korea's heir apparent Kim Jong-un In this Oct. 9, 2010, file photo released by China's Xinhua News Agency, Kim Jong-un, the third son and heir apparent of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, applauds while watching the North's mass gymnastics festival "Arirang" in Pyongyang. Kim Jong-il died of a heart attack while on a train trip on Dec. 17, 2011, state media reported Dec. 19. (Yonhap)/2011-12-19 17:43:14/ < 1980-2011 YONHAPNEWS AGENCY. .> (Newscom TagID: yonphotos046466) [Photo via Newscom] Photo: Yonhap News via Newscom

After a "rare meeting" on Sunday, North Korean senior army general Ri Yong Ho was relieved of his many duties within the regime, including as chief of the General Staff of the North’s People’s Army, because of "illness." The Times reports that 69-year-old Vice-Marshal Ri became Kim Jong-un's mentor in 2009 and, to this point, had been a prominent figure in the power transition after Kim Jong-il's death. Seeing as how Kim Jong-un has another mentor these days, perhaps we've just witnessed the influence of the "Excellent Horse-Like Lady" lady.