Which Mitt Romney Portrait Is Creepier?

Photo: ebay.com

Earlier this year, Daily Intel thought we had definitivley found the creepiest piece of Mitt Romney art. (Above, at right.) Could anything get more unsettling than that vision of Mitt Romney’s member wrapped in a roll of bills? Those arresting areolae and surprisingly full breasts? The weird blue spots at his armpit and at his right groin? 

But then, we happened across the picture at left, for sale on eBay. It’s less outré, certainly, but darker — and yes, we mean both literally and figuratively. Is this meant to be Mitt Romney in some kind of odd blackface? Mitt Romney as a chimney sweep? Mitt Romney in the shadows of a dark alley? Mitt Romney as sad clown? Is this title of the painting, “We Love You Too Mitt Romney” ironic? Sincere? Does it matter?