Akin Bails on Piers Morgan, Host Talks to Empty Chair Instead

Looks comfy. Photo: Instagram/eholmeswsj

The most in-demand man in Congress scratched at least one appointment from his calendar this week, canceling a scheduled interview on Piers Morgan Tonight "at the last minute" Monday night. Todd Akin's no-show follows a tumultuous twenty-four-plus hours after he debuted the phrase "legitimate rape" and a ludicrous theory about the female body that wouldn't pass muster at an elementary school science fair. While the Missouri Representative's ominous "I'm not quitting" campaign didn't include a Morgan appearance, the CNN's host made the most of the drama by showing an  empty chair in Akin's place.

Morgan said that Akin must keep his promise to appear on the show and if he doesn't "then you are what we would call in Britain a 'gutless little twerp.'" And bless the Internet, you can now follow the adventures of Todd Akin's empty chair on Twitter ("Rape is rape and an empty chair is an empty chair") as it enjoys fifteen minutes, maybe even more now that Morgan himself has promoted the account. Running against Akin's seat? Chair McCaskill.