The Birds Have Struck Once Again

MELTON MOWBRAY, ENGLAND - MAY 12: Canada Geese and goslings walk across the course during the first round of the Handa Senior Masters presented by the Stapleford Forum played at Stapleford Park on May 12, 2010 in Melton Mowbray, England. (Photo by Phil Inglis/Getty Images) Photo: Phil Inglis/2010 Getty Images

This time it was in Mississippi near the Gulf Coast when birds of an unidentified feather struck a U.S. Airways plane just before it took off, according to NBC New York. A member of the network's news team said the pilot "slammed on the brakes and the plane just stopped" before it went airborne. The plane — one of the first flights to leave the region since Hurricane Isaac forced planes to ground — was delayed several hours. The fate of the birds is undetermined. But they're mobilizing.