A Carriage Horse Ran Four Blocks Through Midtown After Colliding With a Car

A different horse. Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Most Central Park carriage horse news consists of sad tales of animals just collapsing and dying on the street. Today's story is a little more exciting, though also ultimately sad. This afternoon, a horse-drawn carriage carrying two passengers overturned after colliding with a car at 59th Street and Seventh Avenue. The horse escaped the wreckage and — with its haress and, for at least some of the time, part of the carriage still attached — ran all the way to 57th Street and Ninth Avenue before it "slowed to a stop right behind the cars and waited for the light," according to one witness. With the help of a passerby, a cop then managed to tie the "terrified" and bloody animal to a lampost before shooting it with a tranquilizer dart, causing it to slump to the ground. Eventually, the horse got up and was led into the back of a police truck, which hopefully transported it to a place less scary than midtown.