Jerry Sandusky Is Writing a Book in Jail: Report

Sandusky. Photo: Rob Carr/2012 Getty Images

This might be funny if the underlying events weren't so damn sad. The recently convicted serial child molester has been removed from suicide watch and prison officials have described him as a "model inmate," according to WJAC-TV in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. WJAC reported that officials initially thought Sandusky was spending his free time preparing a statement for his sentencing, but now they believe he's writing a book, with help from his wife Dottie who's provided him substantial paperwork. Apparently she's aiding him in whatever demented literary endeavor he's undertaken. Sandusky's first book, a story about his life in his own words, is regrettably titled Touched. (Incredibly, it's listed on Amazon starting at $100.) Who's Sandusky going to get to write a blurb for this thing?