How Many People Can You Name in This Photo of Obama’s Cabinet?

Class photo. Photo: Chuck Kennedy/White House

Examine the photo of President Obama's cabinet above, which was recently posted on the White House's official Flickr page. Count the number of people you can identify. Then scroll down to see what your score means.

0 people: You are blind, not your fault.

1 person: Really, just Obama? Very funny.

2–3 people: You might be 6 years old.

47 people: You have reached a socially acceptable level of familiarity with Obama's cabinet.

812 people: You read the news every day.

1317 people: You read the news all day.

1820 people: Okay, now you're just showing off.

2123 people: You work in the White House.

A perfect 24 out of 24: You are personal friends with Small Business Administrator Karen G. Mills.