Anonymous Navy SEAL Releasing Tell-all Account of Bin Laden Raid

ABBOTTABAD, PAKISTAN - MAY 4: The compound where Osama Bin Laden was killed in an operation by US Navy Seals, is seen on May 4, 2011, in Abottabad, Pakistan. Bin Laden was killed during a U.S. military mission on May 2, at the compound. The Obama administration have decided not to release photographs of Bin Laden's body. (Photo by Warrick Page/Getty Images) Photo: Warrick Page/2011 Warrick Page

The book will be released on September 11, and the mystery author "will appear in disguise during television interviews to promote the book," according to the New York Times. Penguin is predicting that the book will become a best-seller, and we're predicting that the disguise will be the hot costume of Halloween 2012.