Obama’s Chicago-Style Politics Revealed!

Photo: Courtesy of White House by Pete Souza

The photo on the left, of President Obama holding a baseball bat while speaking with Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, is actually causing a minor diplomatic stir:

Eager reporters were keen tested the waters for a possible hidden message in the photo as they pounded White House secretary Carney with questions over its symbolic meaning regarding U.S. foreign policy. Several intelligent questions focused on the bat Obama leaned on, asking about where it came from and what it was made out of.

Carney however gave no direct response to such claims, and simply told reporters that all he could say was that the president was a baseball fan and an avid Chicago White Sox supporter.

You know who else was an avid Chicago baseball fan and liked to cradle a bat while holding discussions with his allies? This guy:

At least according to David Mamet, anyway.