Sikh Temple Holds Sunday Service Marking One Week Since Fatal Shooting

Photo: Jeffrey Phelps/AP

Hundreds of members of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin returned to their house of worship on Sunday, the same place where one week earlier white supremacist Wade Michael Page killed six people, wounded four others, and fatally shot himself. The Associated Press reports that Sikhs came from all all over the country to show their support for the healing congregation. "It's an emotional day but it's getting better," said 41-year-old Milwaukee resident Justice Khalsa, who regularly visits the temple. "I'm smiling and laughing now, but once this group goes away and we're back to our regular schedule, it will be haunting, I'm sure."

Prior to a memorial service on Friday, members worked to clean the temple of remnants of the shooting — bloodstained carpet and bullet-riddled walls — but they left a single bullet hole in a door jamb near the main prayer room, as a reminder. "We will put a plaque here," said Harpreet Singh, a nephew of one of the victims. "We will make sure they are never forgotten."

On Sunday, temple officials unveiled a small gold plate by the bullet hole. It reads: "We Are One. 8-5-12"