Tim Pawlenty ‘Didn’t Expect’ the Vice-Presidential Nomination, Anyway

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Photo: Chip Somodevilla/2011 Getty Images

As you are now very well aware, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty is no longer a potential vice-president, because Mitt Romney decided to go with "not totally boring" when it came to his running mate. (The same thing happened back in 2008, when John McCain chose Sarah Palin over Pawlenty.) Anyway, the Vanilla Thrilla isn't bitta (though he does sound a little sad, or resigned to a life of relative obscurity, or something.) "I'm not disappointed," he said on ABC's This Week. "I didn't get something I didn't expect."

Also, because even the Paul Ryan announcement cannot completely overshadow the subject of tax returns, Pawlenty revealed that he'd submitted "a bunch" of them to the Romney campaign during the vetting process, though he claimed not to remember "the exact number of years."