Blind Jazz Guitarist Saved After Falling on Subway Tracks

Photo: Joe Raedle/2011 Getty Images

New York's Good Samaritans have really been on the ball recently. In this year alone they've rescued a student, a toddler, and a drunk guy from the path of oncoming subway trains. On Monday they made another addition to that diverse list: blind professional jazz guitarist Jeff Golub. In the W. 66th and Broadway station at around 10:15 a.m., Golub stumbled onto the tracks, thinking he was entering an open door. “I was thinking about my wife and two boys. I was yelling ‘Stop!’ I could see the [train’s] light coming," said Golub. He was briefly dragged by a 1 train, but fellow riders managed to pull him back onto the platform. Golub only suffered minor injuries, and he assured the Daily News that he still loves his seeing-eye dog Luke — though clearly this will come up in his performance review.